Another Use for Charcoal

Obviously there is an abundance of Charcoal in this game, i don’t know if the Devs have any plans for using this for anything else in the future but i was thinking rather than adjusting the rate you get charcoal so your not constantly throwing it out, maybe make some other uses for it.

One idea i had, which would help with another item that comes in more stacks than you can use, would be combine charcoal + paper to write notes, you could use an arrow to stick them to things, might be fun to leave a calling card to provoke the poor sods you just raided, or stick it to trees around your base to warn people off.

Also Charcoal is used to absorb moisture, so why not use it to rust proof your metal housing?

Camouflage your naked body even?

Not sure how hard the “notes” idea would be to implement, but i rather like that one. Let me know what you think!

Charcoal your cloth clothes to make them look like kevlar clothes.

You can use charcoal to brush your teeth, but that makes no sense in the game.

Anyway, the idea to make postits from charcoal and paper is funny. I like the idea :slight_smile:

Fuelling things with charcoal.

Using it for torches.

Charcoal is carbon, which is a very good way of filtering out impurities in water. So I guess it could be used to purify water, if those water bottles are still in game or not? If so then they could be a key ingredient in making purification tablets or filters for water .

Another idea is that there should be water sources like lakes and rivers, in which the water can be handled such as for drinking. Thus making use for purification tablets to be put to use!

I love this idea, but there would be so many notes spammed around all over the place. Maybe make a limit to how many one person can put up, or how many per area, or make paper/charcoal harder to get or just make the note hard to craft.


i like the note idea. What i think would be a great idea is that you can combine charcoal with some sort of dye and mark stuff with it. leaving a message on buildings or stone.

I just want to draw penises on people’s houses. :v:

censor.jonnymad true

I’ve had thought on having bushes with berries and you can craft the berries into dye. Then dye your clothing for a more custom feel to the game. Or you could use the berries for a little food source. Charcoal can be used for writing like you said and others posted for a fuel source for Lanterns for your house. I guess you could mix the dye with charcoal to get darker colors for clothing dye too and mix the dyes to get other colors.

Two words:
Body painting

I like the water filtration idea as well, and dyes and things would be great but i think customization should be secondary to functional items.

I see your point, so limit them to 5 active notes at a time, as well as what if the notes decayed? Say 48 hours real time?
And other players could pull your notes down. Might be fun to replace a “trespasses will be shot” note with a “free food and ammo for noobs this way ---->” sign.

i love this idea but i disagree with the time of decay, paper decays due to weather not just over time, and as to making the notes, it should be realistic. you should have to break down the wood to pulp and stuff in order to make it to help reduce spamming as well as add realism.

Id be all for that if the Devs decide to go for weather effects, like not being able to place notes in the rain. But i think 48 is a good time and this is why, 48 hours is something like 24 days in game, fair enough paper wouldn’t decay this fast, but charcoal would be blown off in the wind and after 24 days would likely be quiet unreadable. Also it is a reasonable time frame for people to log in and see it.

As for the paper idea, we can already craft paper in game so i would it really be worth making another paper item just for notes when the game has excess paper already?

Not to derail the thread or anything, but I have a thread up regarding weather and seasons being added in rust, maybe take a look and add your own opinions regarding what is discussed here :smile:

Already have Jonny, and i love the ideas that have been suggested, which is also why i suggested that charcoal could be used to rust proof metal houses against rain. But i guess at this point we are just assuming both ideas which i hope is the case!

I’m just waiting on official confirmation of my idea, people absolutely love it and it has gotten almost purely positive reviews, which is promising. I am just doing all I can to keep it on the front page so the devs can hopefully see it. Anyways, regarding the charcoal rust-proofing houses, I love that idea, but what if there were to be added in acid rain, would you have something else in mind to protect that, or just more charcoal? :v: not that acid rain will get added, but it is just a thought. Love where that is headed by the way, I always find myself with thousands of charcoal and nothing to use it with besides gunpowder (which you only really need so much of!)