Another valentines day away from home...

I’m two days late but whatever v:v:v

C&C Is greatly appreciated

The background tell the story behind his mission and reason he’s still in duty. Great

Very relaxing and at the time, optimistic image, Love it!

Lovely. Really lovely. :dance:

Well done.

It’s hilarious because you posted this image first on DigitalEro.

Isn’t that a synthetic from AvP?
“I miss your plastic face”

Young’uns, DON’T say that to your girlfriend, if you have one.

  • But double check silently, you never know *

I thought that it was a garrysmod forum that like wasn’t just sexual…

But I was wrong…

Oh and wrong, It was posted here first then DA, Then There.

Wait when did I say I had a girlfriend? :v:… I don’t have one anyway, the pictures just a picture v:v:v