Another wasteland map.

For those of you that don’t know, for a while I was working on a bunker map, it was going nowhere so I dropped it. I also lost possesion of my old computer and was computer-less for a little over half a year. Now that I’ve got a new computer I’ve been working on a new map, one based a little off the old bunker map.

Current Screenshots:



Petrol station


Main entrance:

Lights off

Power plant:



Main living area:



Store room:

Air and water filtration room:

Comm. center:

Main door (again):

Please note it’s 2/3rds as bright as it used to and it has working HDR.

It’s a nice map, but please just one thing…


Sorry for caps, I just cannot stress enough how ridiculous that outside lighting looks. Turn the brightness down to about 200-250 and make it less yellow…You can’t make out anything at all.

Again nice map, but please sort out the outside lighting.

It’s just the bloom, but I plan to fix the lighting anyways.

Aaaaahh my eye!!! splurt …too bright.

Also fix that skybox by adding “_hdr” to the end of the skybox texture name.

your previous bunker map was E.P.I.C but… this one at least now is looking like CRAP.

Wow, looks pretty nice. Fix the light in the “comm center.” Also, the outside of the service station needs displacements. Unless the bloom is obscuring them. :tizzy:

To tell you the truth, your other bunker map was much bettere, and had a lot more depth, like a sort of working/ past functioning facility… this just seems like a bunch of hallways and square rooms.

Ugh, your lighting is terrible and your sky name is missing _hdr at the end of it.

Fix these and you’ll have a much better looking map.

" I plan to fix the lighting anyways. "

I do believe he was already asked to do this, and he already responded in kind.

So, first thing I’m gonna do when I get home is fix the lights outside, then I’m gonna fix the lights in the comm center, then I’m gonna finish off the outside (dunes, rocks, etc) and then I’m gonna bake myself a cake, and then I’m gonna eat it.

Also, what else should I put in the wasteland itself? I’ve got a bunker, a service station, the spawn, and a road.

Also the last map was a posing/movie map, so I made it to be as detailed as possible, this is a general purpose map so it doesn’t need to be as detailed.

I put _hdr at the end of my sky box name, and it really screwed up, it can be really messed up or just blocky looking.

That’s some repulsive lighting you’ve got going on there.

in addition to my messed up skybox, none of my entities and water are showing up.

And when I exit from my testing of the map, my hammer screen with the four boxes shows what the computer screen look(ed) like before I exited the test, and it never recovers, I have to exit and restart Hammer every time I test a map because this screen problem, suggestions?

Oh, ok.

Looks good for a build map then, Maybe you could add the ruins of a small town? Bombed out elementary school?

ALso, did you change your avatar? Looks wierd now.

Ringleader: Entities aren’t supposed to show up, check your map for leaks to fix water and skybox?, and don’t hijack this guy’s thread.

Oh sorry, not entities, but static props, no leaks either.

Just pick a random one, they will show up eventually

Pick a random prop? what? I have several static props on the map, let’s continue this on my thread “mapping problem, it just won’t run”

Use trigger_hurt and logic_timer entities to kill the player if they stay long on the desert.

What Happed to you’re other project :(?

I don’t have it anymore.