Another way to obtain a rust key

So ive been doing my research now and found out that multiple ways to obtain a rust key cost money (ex. buy gold upgrade on facepunch.)Is there any other way to get one?

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky" - postal))

Suck off Garry

No, literally none

Other than sucking off Garry


no, don’t believe any sites you come across that advertise it. they’re all scams

thank you too

Lol, you just figured out?

And no.

Can you still buy gold?


No. If I’m correct you have to be a member for more then 2 years to get gold now (it was the original way and it saves bandwith)

I don’t think Gold Members are going to get Rust keys anymore thanks to you dumb bandwagon-hopping fuckers.

Just wait it out.

It will be easier.