Another week

… without update. I know development takes time, but I am disappointed. :frowning:

2 weeks without any content :frowning:

I predict a big studio will start from scratch, make a fully featured Rust clone, and complete it before Rust’s launch date.

any statement would be nice

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give us a mini patch.
where people get concrete than new construction thing and good.

You guys are just plain spoiled.


What if I told you they’ve already begun?

It’s a game, development takes time, especially in alpha, they don’t always get stuff out in a week, look at other games, weekly updates for a while, then after a good amount of time, it’s gone to monthly, not saying it’s going to happen with this, but just be patient, and let the developers do their job.

People have no clue how long quality coding actually takes. Especially for a small studio, with a game of this scale.

That is exactly my point Platinum, people expect it on a weekly basis, if it’s delayed, they complain, delayed more? more complaints? If you are so impatient and are gonna act spoiled about wanting updates or the game to be finished, go make your own game, then you can see how hard it is to do what they’re doing in such a short amount of time.

spoiled in the regard that they are probably used to release, or near release games where patches mostly contain bug fixes, modifications, or small content. At this early phase they are still trying to lay the foundation down. People really need to just be patient. no patch? whats the problem? The last update stated that they are trying to get the new UI in place so they can start to release patches faster with more content. You cant build a house with out having the ground work done first

You can, just a very shitty house.

I almost feel bad for the developers(hard to feel bad for millionaires), I can not imagine having people complain so much about an ALPHA build. People want it all and they want it NOW. Paitence is a lost virtue. :frowning:

Most of the people complaining surely have 100+ hours into the game, which they paid $20 for. Not a bad return at all, 20 bux for over 100 hours worth of entertainment!