Another World (Interstellar Travel)





Good shit dude, thanks for lettin’ me help.

Thanks for letting me spam you with updates


Was nice to see the progress.

love the film… Love Hans Zimmer… Love this screenshot!


Wow, This looks amazing. :jawdrop:

Great Scenebuild, where did you get that glowing dot prop?

TheMask’s Scenebuild pack.

In the words of the immortal Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic:


That was Body Movin’ though.

Makes me hungry

well, while it does look nice, it also feels like it just kinda abruptly cuts off at the right
i caught myself trying to scroll right several times

shit, i have to hurry up with the updated version.
great work! i like that style!

wow, that’s beautiful, but I agree with Ninja

There’s an updated version coming?


Me too, the pic is magnificent by itself, but I think that the second original camera view looks better because it creates this nice symmetry of how all the mushrooms retract into the center where you have this beautiful orange plant.

Still an epic pic by itself.

That is a good point. Thanks for being descriptive about it. My main problem when I do these (this is my first major attempt), is that I have like 5 different angles I like, and can never pick between the one I like the most. So I wind up just asking a few people and going with that.

You’re so right though and it makes me wish I would’ve done that instead.

I think you still can, you’d need a couple of props on the lower right and cut off 30% off the top of the 2nd pic and it already looks pretty good just by itself.