Another World


monkey ears

no it dosen’t deserve it’s own thread

it’s okay except her ears

Oh yeah, they are rather odd aren’t they? I think they wouldn’t be as noticeable but I can’t quite get the hair to work properly, it’s using alpha transparency but I think it’s supposed to be doing something else because it comes out all thin and weird.

she’s happy then somebody threw shit all over her :<

I’m colorblind :frowning: It’s supposed to be red :f

You probably have to use translucent as opposed to alphatest.

Also depends on how you compiled it.

$opaque or at least $mostlyopaque should be in the QC when having transparency on the model in small bits.

Huh, maybe it’s QC then, I’ll try to recompile, I have it set as $translucent right now though.