Another yet Trishka from Bulletstorm portrait.

My DeviantArt profile.

those eyes

Holy shit! You took a portrait picture of a character(Who isn’t posed properly, people don’t bend their arms or fingers that way naturally), Desaturated it, And posted it! And added a link to your DeviantART! You’re like some super cool cyberpunk dude! May i have your autograph?!??!?!?!

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On a sidenote: Your other work looks good but this doesn’t stop this from being boring, trite, and unworthy of a post.

I see your point. You very talented guy to listen to.
I hope you won’t mind if I post your brilliant work in here.

It’s clearly not noticeable that you are raging with a side of * Professional* criticism.
But that does not cover up for your own work.

As soon as you pull the “you can’t do better so shut up” card, any credibility you might have ever had is completely thrown out of the window and that makes anything you can possibly say completely invalid and dumb.

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And he’s kinda right, her pose is really unnatural and there’s literally no reason for it to be black & white. You can’t just put some effect on your picture when it doesn’t have any reason to be there.

I agree with you completely, But the way Dr.Salvador say’s his opinion always give a very Intimidating feel for some reason.

But yeah, you get the idea.

Well done deliberately picking the worst peice of work i have ever done. Might i add it’s the lowest fucking form of counter-criticism you can stoop to, going “HAHAHAH YOUR WORKS ARE SHIT YOU CANT DO ANY BETTER YOU SUCK YOU DONT DESERVE TO SAY WHAT IS BAD AHAHAHA”.

I’m not a doctor but i know for a fact feeding your kid Drano is retarded.

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It is Drsalvador, good sir. It is one word.

Plus i am intimidating intentionally because it seems to be the only way to get through to some of the more egotistical people in this section who entrench themselves so far in their own ego that they’re like the Battle Of The Somme.

I am not naming names or even saying that anyone is included/exempt in my statements but that is my reasoning.

Now that just sound’s silly.

It’s called a simile.

I think you’re overreacting but it is kinda sad this section became about photoshopped screenshots rather than well posed ragdolls, with a good composition and angle.

yknow, portraits are suppose to give some insight into the character and their personality, behavior, backstory, status, etc. Not just be boring lifeless camwhore pictures.


Christ, simmer down a bit. No need to take your anger out on a simple picture.

Anyway, the picture could be better. I’m not saying it’s bad, though.

Deviant art and using the argument “Well you can’t do any better”.

That’s a great match.

All we need is inflation porn and we have the full steryotype.

Where’s the like or as?

Anyways, the pose does feel a bit unnatural, and the finger posing just seems a bit off. But overall it’s pretty good.