Ant - the Micro RC Heli

Some kind of Heli.
Download for your fun )
A-turn left
D-turn right
move mouse to get some angles
m2-avtivate grabbing rope
m1+m2 - grab prop


Pretty fucking awesome. Sehr gut.

Hologram or not thats the best looking miniature heli iv seen yet

yo lemme get some of that noxiousnet ca$$$$h

Normally I hate holo contraps and I was seriously coming into this thread expecting to post “mini contraptions are no excuse for shit contraptions” but it looks very nice.

and the helipad was a nice touch :-p

thank you guys for comments ))

I’m having a hard time making it fly Forward… it doesn’t handle very well o.O

Its so cute, I love it :smiley:

Is it purely holo and applyForce?
Also I recommend a simple battery system. Mine is just timer-based, but a lot more could be done with 'em. Like a multiplier so going up uses more power.

To fly forward you need to gather angle like 45 or more
and press W.

Its hard to make this tiny thing fly like real one ) thats the source of some steering problems )

Edit: yes its pure applyForce and Holograms placed on Milk Carton shaped e2 chip )Helipad is 2 props(Seat+Big Laundry THing)+holograms

Nice :D. Now you need it to charge while on the helipad

odd. My rc holoheli has no issues yawing or strafing. As long as the heli is physicaly all chip, then force applied to the chip should be stable.

I angled it forward n such, it just… goes up, and seems to move in every direction very, very slowly >.>

It sounds like the force is being applied on world vectors instead of chip.

Are you applying your upward force to entity()up? as apposed to (0,0,X)
applying it (0,0,X) will apply the force upwards on world vectors nomater the chip angle.
entity()up will force the chip from its bottom, therefore making it fly forward when the heli pitches forward.

For instance, assuiming Space is an input,


thats my up force on my heli (I have a similar line that applys some force when active so the heli doesnt fall really quickly.[didnt bother with collective on the little one])

This is the most epic mini-heli I ever seen. And the fact that it uses holos is cool too.

thank guys for comments )) i am glad you like it

if you think it too slow, and you know e2,

find a applyForce block(after holo creating)

and change passive -angVel mul to bigger value