Anthro Lamarr Reupload

Hello I was wondering if anyone still had Anthro Lamarr? I wanted to do a couple of reskins and such but can no longer find a working download link.

Unfortunately, all the pics of it online appear to be in sex poses.

Any help would be appreciated.

I was probably the only one who actually didn’t use Lamarr just for sex poses.

Anyway, I uploaded it for you here:

Thankyou, It’s appreciated Slayer.

Slayer, I’ve seen some variants of that model and texture, like the ones on this pic
any idea where they came from?

“Anthro Lamarr”? What does that model have that make her look like a humanized headcrab?

they just made it that way, don’t think about it that much, like we say in spanish, “no le des tantas vueltas”

Welp, the only link here, is fucked. So, anyone got any other leads?

Let’s put everything you just asked aside. You replied to a dead thread stawp it.