Anti-AFKKICK script?

Could someone make a script that like sets your mouse to different angles so you don’t get afk kicked. And make it ON/OFF?

Why would you need this at all? just don’t go afk very long on servers that have this. If you’re going to be afk, just rejoin the server when you get back.

But it’s useful on rp servers if you don’t have much money.

hook.Add("CreateMove" , "LOLAIM" , function(UCMD) UCMD:SetViewAngles(math.random(ScrW() /2 , ScrW()) , math.random(ScrH() /2 , ScrH()) end )

Written in the reply box, so probably has some syntax errors somewhere

I will give u a cookie if uz fix it. :open_mouth: thanks if you do and thanks if you dont

Im making one that jumps you every now and then. brb, testing now.
**EDIT:**Its not liking me and wont turn on. Sorry :frowning:

commands = {"forward" , "back" , "jump" , "moveleft" , "moveright"}

function RunCommand()
	theCommand = table.random(commands)
	timer.Simple(1 , function() RunConsoleCommand("+"..theCommand) end )
	timer.Simple(2 , function() RunConsoleCommand("-"..theCommand) end )
timer.Create(string.char(math.random(0 , ScrH())) , 3 , 0 , RunCommand)

This one will work perfectly, I think

Perhaps just type “+forward” in console?

PERP for example, bans you for using that, I think, automatically. Don’t count on it though.

It uses a viewangle measurement, you need your sights to move up or down so I don’t think
commands = {“forward” , “back” , “jump” , “moveleft” , “moveright”}

function RunCommand()
theCommand = table.random(commands)
timer.simple(1 , function() RunConsoleCommand("+"…theCommand) end )
timer.simple(2 , function() RunConsoleCommand("-"…theCommand) end )
timer.Create(string.char(math.random(0 , ScrH())) , 3 , 0 , RunCommand)[/lua]
would work

‘timer.simple’ should be ‘timer.Simple’.


How did I not notice that…

Anyone got one that sets random view angles (and if you want another cookie, says things in chat)? Thanks for the last person that posted one but that just randomly moves you around.

My first post was that, god.

You said it had syntax errors. Also, I need a way to turn it off/on

concommand.Add("createmove_enable", function()
	hook.Add("CreateMove", "LOLAIM", function(UCMD) 
		UCMD:SetViewAngles(math.random(ScrW()/2, ScrW()), math.random(ScrH()/2, ScrH())) 
	end )
end )

concommand.Add("createmove_disable", function()
	hook.Remove("CreateMove", "LOLAIM")
end )

Here is a cookie

type these in console:
this will make u crouch around in circles while firing ur gun .

Takes no coding and is easily undone when u get back by typing a “-” instead of a “+” for all the commands

ye because everyone normally runs around ducked firing the gun

i do some times, to make it look less weird u can get the walking sound E2 chip(if they allow E2 on the server)