Most AFK kickers check mouse position and if it doesn’t change between 2 checks you get kicked. I need something that randomly sets mouse angles many times a second and preferably can be turned on/off with say “antiafkon/off” or “+/-antiafk”. I think it sounds simple and very short.

Thats called hacking…

Go ask on your Seth hack forum kthx

Yes setting mouse angles randomly is so haxing. It trolz teh surveys jard brah. it liek souper inhances ,e an maeks me an good aimbut.

If setting mouse angles randomly through LUA is hacking, so is anything ever made in LUA. gtfo.

No, it is the fact you are attempting to deceive a script put in place to stop this happening.

local toggle = false

local function AFK()
	if toggle then
		hook.Add("Think", "afk", function() 
			LocalPlayer():SetEyeAngles(Angle( CurTime()*50, CurTime()*50, 0 )) 
		hook.Remove("Think", "afk")

concommand.Add("toggleafk", function() 
	toggle = !toggle

Eh made this, should work.

I don’t understand why this would be hacking or cheating. I think that people have the right to go eat something for five minutes without being kicked and having to wait until someone leaves because the server is full.

^ Thank you. I don’t get it either. It’s not like I’m ruining a game by putting this on while I take a dump.

It’s cheating because it will only work if you bypass script enforcer (unless you play on some shit server), plus this is bypassing their anti-afk system which is enforced for a reason, if you can’t follow rules then don’t go to the server.

But seriously, anyone who has an anti-afk is just ridiculous unless you get points from a paycheck or something similar (DarkRP) where you can farm points.

^ Gmodtheater?? So you think I’m not entitled to take a shit and stay on the server so I don’t lose progress and in case it becomes full?

the only thing you’re entitled to in this game is launching it, it’s their server and they have the right to do as they please with you while you’re on it

The point is to bypass something badly implemented.

Most good gamemodes have an afk option/spectator team, normally the ones where going afk could bring some problems(deathrun, things where you earn points, etc).

But this is not always the case. Imagine you’re in a build server and you’ve built something really hard and cool, but you have to take a gigantic shit, you poop and when you get back you’re kicked and your thingy is lost.

Using something like this is probably breaking the rules on the server, but it’s a pretty stupid rule if they offer no way of going afk, I’ve seen many servers that do this.

It isn’t cheating because it doesn’t offer you any advantage in the game and I think bypassing scriptenforcer is irrelevant.

In short, if the server doesn’t offer any way of going afk then this will.

Or you could, you know, just type +left in console, it’s worked for me many a time.

^ Do you really think the LUA scripters that have made anti afk scripts didn’t think of that and, ya know, block it so you can’t get out of their script?

victor is correct, it’s better to just set your team to a spectator or something where you don’t earn points. However, a lot of anti-afk scripts give you like 20 minutes, honestly if you are that concerned with whatever you made/did (which, why would there be an anti-afk on a build server anyways? that’s retarded) then you could definitely be back in that time or save your progress (which most good gamemodes will have a auto saving feature, or in case of build use advanced dupe).

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Also, I don’t understand your question. I’ve never played there if that’s what you are asking.

You would be surprise on what are on build servers these days. Also, some AFK scripts kick you like after two or 5 minutes, at-least on the servers I have been on.

Or if you like me you have/set 128 slot servers with 32 visible players and the non visible slots are for reserved vips, admins, and afk players. Anything to increase the gametracker rank.