Anti-aircraft defence.

Many thanks to B E A R for criticism and suggestions on Steam. You rock brother.

The lighting is really confusing and the tracers are weird

“We get any lower, we ain’t gonna need any freakin’ parachutes!”

“Add smoke to explosions to make them look less pasted on, though they will still look pasted on” after looking at a pic on a dim screen of a tablet with 18% charge left is hardly criticism.

Here are some things which can pass for criticism somewhat more:

  • Why are the tracers bent?
  • Where is the glow on AA gun coming from? It doesn’t appear to be shooting and with current lighting tracers and explosions in the sky wouldn’t give off so much glow (especially not closer to the base of the gun).
  • Speaking of lighting, why is it so flat, all one brightness everywhere? If you gonna use lights, then at least have varying brightness and position them further apart. Use lamps, they are better and they give off shadows.
  • Dem planes are low as hell. Bombers don’t fly that low. Get yerself a resizer tool on workshop to make things look like they are small and are really far away.
  • Smoke in the foreground is just that - smoke in the foreground. Have multiple smoke layers with soldiers and cannon isolated on separate layers and smoke interchanging between them to create an illusion of depth to it.

You should’ve left more space for the sky, that way you could concentrate on what’s happening there and steal attention from the ground.

Also suggestion for anyone - if you are not sure if something you are making looks realistic, google for reference pics.

Have an artistic for effort.

nice try, but still a long way to go

it’s almost sad that this has to be specifically mentioned