Anti-Alasing in Source SDK

Edit: Re-Wrote Tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:

1. Locate “Dxsupport.cfg” in your Team Fortress 2/Episode Two/Generic Source Game bin folder.(Default Path: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps<account> eam fortress 2\bin) and copy it to your Source SDK bin folder. (Default Path: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps<Account>\Source SDK\bin(Orangebox or ep1)\bin) Open the file in notepad (or any other text editing program)

NOTE: If you can’t find it either in your Source SDK bin folder or TF2/Generic Source game folder then download a copy here.[/media]

2. Locate your Graphics Card in the file (There may be multiple entries, if so do it for all of them.) If your GPU doesn’t exist within the file, go to the bottom and find either Nvidia Unknown or ATi Unknown.

3. Add or modify under your graphics card entry:
“ConVar.mat_antialias” “8”


4. Save the file and enjoy Anti-Aliasing (This can also work for other Cvars/console commands.)


I don’t have a dxsupport.cfg in my bin folder.

Does it work in hammer?

Copy it from “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps<Account> eam fortress 2\bin”

sorry I just remembered thats what I did a while back…

I don’t have a dxsupport.cfg in my TF2/bin folder either.

Download a copy here then. Sorry this is a tad bit weird…

I thought it would, didn’t get a chance to test it but sadly it doesn’t.

Cool it works.

Oh wow thanks, it works.

Oh thank you very much!

You don’t need to copy shit actually, you just open your current dxsupport.cfg and scroll down to step 5 or 6 or whatever your DX version is.
5 is for DX9 and 6 is for DX9+ (10 for example)

There you can edit your AA and AF and will work. :slight_smile:

Thanks again. Finally a clearer picture on the screen.

Some people don’t have it in their bin folder :confused:

And modifying the dx versions only works if your video card entry calls it. (Since ATi Unknown doesn’t, I had to edit it’s entry.)

thanks for the tut