Anti Aliasing Is not working

I just recently bought GMOD and I just started playing it today. When I was in the settings I was turning everything to max ( I have a gtx 260 which is capable of handling it) But the anti-aliasing will not work. I have tried resetting the settings, reinstalling the game entirely, and trying every different Anti Alias setting. Not a single one will work. Is it just broken in the latest release of GMOD? Or is there a way to manually fix it? Also I have had no troubles with HL2 or any other source engine game/mod I have.
Nvidia GTX 260
9 GB DDR3 Ram
2.67 GHZ quad-core Intel CPU
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


Have you tried updating drivers? It seems to work for me alright.
Currently on x8.
Nvidia Geforce 9800GT 1GB
AMD Athon x2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2.6GHz
Windows XP 32 SP 3.

No I didn’t, I thought it was the latest. Might as well try. I’ll let you know if it fixes it

Also, isn’t that a DX 10 card? Have you tried forcing Garry’s Mod to use DX 9?

The Upgrade didn’t fix it. And no I haven’t tried forcing it to use directx 9. How do i do that?

I figured it out it’s the command -dxlevel 90 right? Well it didn’t fix it either.
Well i figured it out. Turns out some setting i did in the NVIDIA control panel was overriding the game’s anti aliasing. It works now. Anyways thanks for your help

i have gmod and suprisignly the exact computer you described with windows 7. is it okay if you describe exactly what you did to get anti-aliasing? i didnt quite catch what you said you did. thanks for your


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  1. Go to your NVIDIA Control Panel, select “3D Settings” and then “Manage 3D Settings”.

  2. Select the “Global Settings” tab and set “Anti-aliasing mode” to Application-controlled.

If that doesn’t work, add “-dxlevel 98” (without quotes) to your Garry’s Mod shortcut.