Anti aliasing?

Gmod won’t let me use anti aliasing, and when I try to select different video settings, the dropdown boxes don’t show for any of them. I can pick different selections by using the arrow keys, but the dropdowns won’t show. The anti aliasing selection is also not clickable. Anyone else have this problem? It worked before.


I have a similar problem. Although, I can change all the settings and drop downs. I just noticed that no matter what the anti-aliasing is set at, it makes no impact on the games graphics. Honestly none. I can take pictures if you want. Its retarded.

Also, Garrysmod appears to only use ONE of my TWO graphics cards. I find this interesting because this does NOT happen with Any Other Source Game.

EDIT-Actually, I’m having the drop down menu problem as well. Just started my Gmod. So… I am having his same problem too.

AA requires you to restart the game, Also, you might be running a config that disables AA

This is a normal problem, it happened after the GMac update went live.

Press the box, then use arrow keys to scroll.

Press and hold click, it’ll keep the drop-down box out, and then mouse-over the setting you’d like, release click.

mine doesnt work at all and its a massive problem, when i make gmod comics the edges are INCREDIBLY
pixelated and sharp, i just want my anti-aliasing to work but nobody seems to know how to fix it. my
anti-aliasing is greyed and no working…

Look at the post dates before you reply to a year-old thread. Also, if you have to go back a few pages, it’s not worth posting anyway.