(Anti)Anti-AFK Script?

Ok, i know this is easy. I just suck at lua.

What i need is something that you put in a value of seconds in. Say, 100.
When that amount of time is up, the character moves back, and then forth, for about a second, to bypass servers Anti-AFK scripts.
Every 100 seconds, it repeats this.
Preferably able to toggle :smiley:

function antiafkon(ply, com, arg)
if arg
timer.Create(“anti_afk_timer”,arg, 0, move)
timer.Create(“anti_afk_timer”,50, 0, move)

function antiafkoff(ply, com, arg)

function move()
timer.Simple(5, RunConsoleCommand, “-forward”)
timer.Simple(10, RunConsoleCommand, “+back”)
timer.Simple(15, RunConsoleCommand, “-back”)

concommand.Add( “anti_afk_on”, antiafkon )
concommand.Add( “anti_afk_off”, antiafkoff )

Untested like always

Couldn’t you do something in the console?

alias antiafk "+duck; -duck; wait 100; antiafk;"

Wait doesn’t accept a value
and i think even if you have a gigantic amount of waits you will get stuck in a loop

wait does take one argument (which i assume is the time to wait in milliseconds):eng101:

When you come back, just type this in console

alias antiafk

and it will cancel the loop:wink:

Or you could just type +left and +forward in console.

Well pretty much a copy of what he said.
Just slip this tiny code into your autoexec.cfg:

alias +afk “+duck; wait; -duck; wait; +duck; wait; -duck; +afk”
alias -afk " -duck"

So just go into console and whenever you’re going to go afk, type
in the console MANUALLY. No binds or anything just type it in the console. And when you’re back, type -afk in the console.
Remember, manually do it yourself, a bind will not work.
This isn’t tested I just wrote some random script I thought would work.
I’m not sure if it will repeat, so try it out.