Anti-cheat give me a problems!

Hi all I have a little problem my rust can connect to play on servers because, the servers disconect me for anti-cheat. My console said me: “Disconnected: Anti - Cheat: Disconnected” i try to reinstall rust, anti - cheat, try to verify cache memory… And when i enter in server this kick me… I have this problem when comes rust experimental because i can play legancy without problems. Any one can help me?


Are you launching Rust from Steam?

Yes! And with administration mode! :frowning:

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knubbe it’s possible that if i execute rust.exe from steam folder with admin, give me this error? Because my Rust.exe crash if i execute from steam, because i have windows 7 64 bits, and when I try to execute rust give me a error: “Rust.exe has stopped” but if i execute rust from steam folder i can play but i have problems with anti-cheat…