Anti cheat system broken..

My experience of the anti cheat system -

I spawned in game got killed after a few seconds , I then re spawned but still with the gear I had before I died for some reason ,I then got a “CHAD KEEPS” error message and my connection was banned . This was 4 days ago, I have submitted a bug report , posted on this forum , tweeted garry , emailed garry and have had no response on this matter at all.

I am a legit player and being banned through a bug in the system after I was so happy to get a key really sucks.

Mods / admins / devs please restore my faith in rust and check out this “chad keeps” error and the anti cheat system , it is buggy and legit players like myself have been banned wrongly.

I know the powers that be are busy , but this bug is a show stopper for people and its going to really piss a lot of people off that get banned for no reason and then get ignored when they ask for help with the situation.

Any help or feedback would be appreciate

Most of the people who get banned this way only just joined FacePunch Forums so they could get a key. No one I know that is a long time member has gotten banned this way, or anyway in fact. Odd, wouldn’t you agree?

well it’s not like any long time facepunch member plays rust

But the ones that do haven’t been banned from this apparently Anti-cheat error, whether or not they stopped playing isn’t my concern. People hacking and getting caught and making a bullshit story is.

I’ve seen older members get banned randomly.

lol wtf some guy posted a rust key generater but it just has a dude named garry spiinning?
dose any1 have one that works

hope u were prepeared 2 be spooked


If this is Sadaplays from youtube I can tell you right now he does not cheat he is the reason I’m interested in this game and I hope this matter gets resolved quickly so he can keep making videos of this game.

seems legit

still banned and still waiting for any response, is there any actual way of contacting someone who can actually do anything about this?

Patience is the key young one

tbh my friend Im wearing very thin on that , bug reports , forum posts , emails to garry , tweets to garry and nothing… cue the tumble weed

I’d advise being patient as it is an alpha and because of all the unexpected hype and publicity Garry and the team are probably receiving a massive amount of correspondence.

Remembers me of when I was 13 and made a secondary account to defend my self from blatantly cheating…

No wait, it doesn’t, no one here is that stupid. Quit and go read a book kiddo.

You really think Id do that? check the OS and country of posting for both posts.I do make youtube videos and have 7.5k subs and out of that 2 k people watched my rust video in which I recommended it, is it that beyond your comprehension to imagine that maybe one of them 2k people liked the game and wanted to find out more…some people are so cynical…

Its because they don’t want to deal with hackers, they want to keep them banned not let them hack again.

Lets hope the devs are not as closed minded as you and entertain the thought for just one second that this is an ALPHA and there are bugs and this anti cheat system most certainly has a bug that Im trying to report and get some help with…

Nope, you’re a hacker end of, stop trying to get back in just so you can hack again, it isn’t going to work.

You are a terrible troll, you need to try harder…

please go