So now that i have played the game for about a week, and have to yet to play without being raided by some guy with no clip is pretty lame, so im counting the days till people stop playing because u cant even begin to make progress in a game were u cant get rid of the hackers… :frowning:

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I’ve honestly never had an encounter with a hacker. I’m not saying they are not there, but it does not seem as bad as u make it out to be.

well maybe its the server im on bc ive been on west coast sleeper since it came up, and everyday it has turned out that way. hopefully the servers ur on are better then that one.

Please stop posting about hackers he already knows. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve actually heard a lot about hackers mainly on west, idk why. But yeah, give him some time he is working on something

I will when it gets fixed, untill then people should post maybe he will get something done besides taking money on a half way workin game.

You do realize you paid money to TEST this game, right? You do realize this is an “ALPHA” right?

yes and ive been in plenty of alpha stage games that have a anti cheat developed before they released it

An alpha is something that is not finished yet buddy. Just because a different alpha had anti cheat does not mean this one is broken. He’s obviously working on it or fixing another issue.