When is the anti-cheat going to be implemented and in use?

US Central 1 has more hackers in it, then DayZ and WarZ did when it first released. And before all you trolls come in saying “Your just bad, deal with it”. I have seen at least 20 people bitching about players hacking.

I’m not going to say any names here, but there are 2 groups on US Central 1 with all Kevlar and M4’s that can headshot you from any distance in less than 10 seconds. I tested this theory already by waiting WAY high up on a rock above them, as SOON as I peaked over the rock, just enough to barely see them, BOOM! I was headshotted near instantly.

I’m not exactly a noob either, I’ve been playing since pre-steam release and had all the gear and everything. It’s just hackers are so obvious in this game it’s not even funny. I’ve stuck with Garry all the way through Gmod’s problems and he eventually got it straight so here’s hoping this issue is corrected soon. I understand it’s an Alpha, but that’s no excuse if your going to sell a game for people to test, at the VERY least include some sort of anti-cheat. It’s very apparent here VAC is not working.

If a mod or admin reads this, message me and I’ll give you the names of the hackers (I wrote them all down) so you can check into it yourself.

I got 1 shot killed yesterday while my base was being raided… i juped from my tower, (not long, didn’t break my leg) and then i was on top of my base, i saw one of the bandits below and jumped, suddenly he shot me midair 1 shot in the head. That’s as obvious as it can get for a hacker.

I’m not saying that the people that killed you weren’t 100% hackers… but there are a bunch of really good CSGO players playing. mEclipse (ESEA main, global elite) and their group run around. He streams it. I’m not sure which server he is playing on, but its on an official server. And I can tell you, this guy headshots almost every time.

And last I checked a headshot from the M4 doesnt oneshot kill…

So yeah…

2 quick shots do, specially in combination with lag.