Anti cheating discussion

In this thread you can talk about anti cheating methods, share your short scripts and so on. I made this thread so all the chitchat can be found from one place.

The cheaters are the cancer killing gmod online playing on big servers. You can’t report from the cheaters to anywhere except to the server admin and the cheaters usually turn off the cheats after the deed is done so usually there’s no way to capture evidence of the player cheating. So what we need is a public and powerful way to prevent these assholes from ruining the online gaming experience.

What i personally want to ask is that is there any possibility to stop clients from running clientside scripts? You know something like sv_pure.

sv_scriptenforcerenabled 1

Script Enforcer.

Does this prevent the client from running all the scripts he has?


With an exception of the ones allowed in the clientscripts.txt file.

Take away shitty lua hacks and people will just use hl2 hooks. Hell, most tf2 hacks work for gmod anyway.

Yeah but that wont be a problem since most of the servers should have VAC protection, So if the player gets a ban it will be global.


if you have something to say just say it.

Gmod doesn’t use VAC

Garry’s Mod does not have VAC enabled, period. It won’t even disconnect you from the server for hacking.

That and if you’re sad enough to aimbot on a sandbox game then my bet is that you would have cafe accounts too.

Apparently VAC bans don’t work in gmod.

The only somewhat reliable way is scriptenforcer - Everything else is stupid and futile. Not even scriptenforcer works properly though.

Well that’s fucking great… Why’s this?

Probably because client modules would break it, or the way garry’s doing something breaks it.

Because VAC is a piece of shit.

Kinda true.

Says a hacker, no?