Anti DDOS for Gmod?

Basically I moderate a TTT sever and one of the VIPs who pretty frequently abuses his power/acts like a tool apparently could DDOS the sever if we were to ban him. It’s an issue because he’s taken to votebanning most new players if they rdm he once and we can’t gag him when he abuses voicechat. We’re probably going to remove VIP commands anyways but if anyone knows of anything we’d appreciate it.

Find his IP and DDOS him!!!

There isn’t too much you could do even if you had a dedicated server, gonna assume you have a server from a game server provider though (like, one where you login to an admin panel and stuff), GSPs tend to have decent ddos protection so you’re probably okay, chances are he’s just lying to scare you anyway

Talked to the Owner, apparently it is dedicated. Does that change anything?

depends who he has his dedicated server from, i don’t know specifics but most of them tend to have some level of ddos protection that’s usually good enough for most attacks, i have a feeling he’d probably have to actually be under attack then make a ticket with them to get a filtered/protected ip though (really not sure how it works, probably different per host), if it’s just some random weak skiddy attack he might be able to filter it all at the OS level (iptables maybe for linux, im sure windows has some sort of firewall tool)

generally i have a feeling anyone who’s buying vip on a ttt server (no offence) probably wouldn’t be the type to have a powerful enough attack to do any real damage to a host, if he does attack you i imagine the dedi’s-host can deal with it

Alright, thanks a lot for the help. We’ve been looking to banning him for a while.

If he has a dedicated server, should probably suggest moving it over to where DDoS Protection is free, such as OVH/Kimsufi/SoYouStart.

It costs a shed load of money to buy DDoS protection from another company.

Just a kid with a $5 booter can destroy a server - depressing, huh?