Anti -Ddos script

Is there an anti ddos script for gmod servers? Cause my gmod server gets ddosed all the time for banning/kicking minges

I think most servers come with anti ddos scripts… but i am unsure you can go here and ask them for help.

Alright thanks

Or you could just put on the server’s routers Cisco DDoS Protection, “if” you own your own servers at a NOC.

One of those things cost a few hundred thousand dollars. I’m sure they charge a pretty penny to use it too.

serversecure2, wireshark, mmc

i didn’t know DDOS’ing servers was a problem. That seems quite lame of a attempt at something.

well these guys think its funny to download a program and starting dos’ing

They’re just script kiddies, I wouldn’t think one person with LOIC would do much…

Depends on how hard they want to DDOS you. I can take down my own website with LOIC rather easily with the settings maxed out.

Well the server provider Lowpings actually installed one for me, idk how well it works, hopefully good enough

Good idea, except you’ve forgotten to check the price tag

Get . It works. Download the CS:S one. Though I beleive either will work. I’ve use it on my GMod server. And that goes for everyone. Cause, people probably will try to ddos your server at one point.