Anti-Esco group - need more players!

Hi there, if you aren’t aware, Esco is the leader of a large clan (15+ players), who mainly hang around the US and AU servers. Currently, these fellas occupy the radzone closest to the centre of the map, and have huge houses very close to it. Due to such easy access to radzone resources, as well as zombie farming (providing them with constant income of C4 charges), these guys have gotten huge. I would never complain about a clan’s success, but these guys SERIOUSLY ruin everybodys experience.

They go around, in large groups, with many C4 charges and raid everything along the way. Be it a small shack, tall tower or a village - they will overtake it by pure numbers. Honestly, all the solo players and small groups (2-5 people) do not stand a chance against a group of 10+, who have huge amounts of C4. Not only this, but these fuckers also grief EVERY house. They will blow up your doors, raid whatever they can and GRIEF your house. Grief as in, blowing up every door in your house, spamming barricades all over the inside and putting new WALLS in the place of where your doors were.

Furthermore, if they stumble upon new players who are halfway through building their new house, they slaughter them disregarding wether or not they have a rock, hatchet or just a stack of wood. Then, they place pillars in the midde of peoples foundation to ruin all their hard work. If this wasn’t enough, this group travels further and further daily - my group, along with a few of our friendly neighbours were raided by these “Esco” guys despite building 3 mountains away from their homebase.

Esco is probably the most hated player in rust at the moment, Huge group of players by his side, GRIEFS everyone regardless of if they combat log or not, PROVOKING people to combat log as they know they don’t stand a chance, can’t beat them because of sheer numbers, can’t fortify enough since they have a constant supply of c4. Don’t have enough time to build your base and even if you do, they blow parts of it up on their raid and replace bits of it, so that you cannot continue building.

That is why I am here, recruiting players to try and make a rebellion against this group. Honestly though, they are breaking the game, people can’t progress and lose motivation to if they keep on getting griefed and then trashtalked, losing to NUMBERS, not to skill. If you’ve been screwed over unjustly by these tyrants and want to take them down and make this game once more possible for solo players, post a reply with your skype name and we will discuss further on there.

King regards,

also, build far away, problem solved.

I’ve changed my mind. I’m out.

Well, by what I’ve seen some of their senior members rage like children about combat-loggers…but if they just grief regardless of what the victims do then that’s truly low.
If you’ve seen first-hand the activity described you will know which people I am talking about in particular.

Im in how would i go about contacting you so we can play

Like I stated earlier, these guys travel very far out from their base, so there’s no way to avoid them without building really far way. By that, I mean building at a place which requires you to make a 10+ minute run to get to the nearest resource zone is just silly. Being raided is a thrill, because you have a chance to defend your loot and get more from the attackers.
However, many people don’t have time to play all day, and due to the amount of members in Escos group, they have members on in the middle of the night and all throughout the day. This allows them to do “offline” raiding, where they simply walk around with 15 c4 charges way in the night, you aren’t on to protect your base and they can easily get in with their explosives. Having the feeling that you are building just to be raided and there is nothing you can do about it - due to the sheer number of attackers ( not only gunwise but also different members get on at different times and chances are you won’t be at your base to defend it all day) and of course the huge number of C4 they have.

I’m not here to ask for a solution in the form of running and making gathering reources a longer and more difficult experience. I’m here to recruit enough people to be able to all contribute with C4 and storm Esco’s base, to force him and his group off the ridiculous resource/military grade loot area they are occupying.

If you feel the need, go in the rad zone and place metal doors on the buildings in the rad zone. They cost more to destroy than to build and will hinder their farming for at least a short time.

Bangthefishdied -skype

They aren’t that strong, my house was too big for them so they decided to just grief it after wasting considering amounts of time travelling to my house(in hacker’s valley). In the end, I didn’t lose a thing and just had to make some c4 to ungrief what they did to the part where they actually went but quitted quickly since my house is a 6x6x6.

Anyhow, what they do isn’t bad, it’s part of the game and you got to find ways to not get fucked by these kind of groups. Fortify your house so it’s big enough, make a 1v1 shack hidden in the wood and store your materials before being able to make that huge house, then troll them when they try to take your stuff but can’t.

I’m in, pm me or message in here for group up.

I’d do it just for fun. IDK who the hell Esco is but he sounds like a douche.

Skype : benzilla3 (I DON’T LIVE IN FRANCE DON’T WORRY, add the one in Hummelstown)

Kong, was your house a wooden house or a metal house? What is your opinion on making metal houses as opposed to wooden houses?

im in dude my skype is :Whatsittoya42 i also have a TS if thats more convenint everbody could join just PM e on skype or on the forums. PS. lets kick some butt

Dude thx for the ideas, we were having a hard time figuring out how to piss people off even more!

I know how to fix this issue.

Don’t play.
If you don’t like dying.
Go. Away. Pls.

Get some stuff, some people together, and try and fight us.


rama syndrome.
for those who dont understand rama syndrome, here is an explanation.

  • We kill everyone on server
  • we own server
  • one kid gets super butthurt and starts a thread like this
  • he looks at the name of person who got the killing shot on him
  • “X” killer automatically gets named the leader of our group
  • Anti “x” teams are formed.

thus rama syndrome.

You’re offending me now Laziest :smiley: - But man, sure does sound like you have some new Dynasty going over there on the other servers, haha.

This is a good thread, they are ruining the game and ive been in escos house and even if you made it to the door you will have too have approx over 200 explosive charges, and come and fight us they say dont know if im going tog cry or laugh, i stopped play rust due to this you wont break that building trust me, dont even know if im going to cry or laugh cause its soo stupid too even try to break them they got 100% income 24/7 one of them had over 6000 metal fragments ///

Skype: im_hex
Would love to take them down


You guys are funny <3