anti grief

I think this game needs some kind of grief protection. Kindof a waste if you gather thousands of recourses to build a base and someone grief it before its finnished or something :frowning:


OP, you could have just done a search and contributed to one of the other handful of very ambiguous threads on the very subjective topic of grief.

At this point, just be patient. . .this is NOT a game, but an Alpha stage product that has much coding, mechanics and development tuning ahead.

You should not start right away a real house. Gather the necessary resources and build the part’s when it’s dark (you are doing nothing in your shack). When its ready, (minimal foundation, 4 pillar, 3 walls, doorway, ceiling) you put the things in your shortcutbar, go out carefully and quickly build the thing. Takes less than 30 sec to build and secure the place.

Play more safely.


Grief is when someone ruins some part of your gameplay just for their sadistic fun. Like you have a partially build house without a ceiling and the dude came and put a pillar in the middle, so you can’t finish (put the ceiling). Or barricade your house. Or keeps killing you when he is in an obviously better position.

What about OP?

I usually use this term for OverPowered, but i don’t know if it means the same in Rust. Im not sure.

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It means the first post/poster of the thread. Lurk a bit more, you’ll see it get used in context.

e.g. OP should’ve done a search. The link is in the OP. Etc.

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Personally, I only grief players who are near my resource spawns. This will encourage them to leave the area. :slight_smile:

Well my group only ever griefs people who combat log because they know we are coming or who trash talk us when we are raiding em (take it like a man and nothing happens). I don’t want any grief protection implemented as such because its actually quite easy to make your base grief proof at the moment. I understand that losing your base is a bitch but it happens.

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Also don’t build the base you have planned out until you have ALL the resources and parts built. Even if its just floor by floor.

Yes thats basics, but people can still hatch down stairs inside your houses and put ceilings and you are f**ked

i am often griefed in the game, but have been finding ways around it.

Place your house in an obscure location away from resource nodes, and somewhere most players won’t look. Stay away from the radiated zones because players will farm those locations.

You can use forward bases (shacks) to gather resources to haul back to your main secret hideout.

That said, if someone finds your hideout – you’re in a world of trouble. That’s the nature of the game, however.