Why does the AntiCheat/Anti-Hack along with VAC not do it’s Job. Do all VAC enabled games have very bad VAC systems?
There are a ton of hackers on a variety of sever, and I’m just wondering What is going on, and if it is being worked on and improved

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What? You’ve done nothing wrong, you’re just not allowed to link hackers profiles or just spam complain about it, you’ve made a small post about what think on the issue, if hackers are a really big issue, i’d suggest staying away from modded and official servers, official servers rarely have someone actually monitor them, and modded servers usually attract hackers due to increased gather or spawning with weapons etc, try playing on a community server with active admins, my suggestion is Rustopia US or something like that.

ez anti-cheat

hacker - aimbot - 矢

… wha?

It would be bad combine VAC with EAC?
Perhaps it improves protection against hackers

VAC and EAC already are both running on Rust and have been ever since EAC was introduced to Rust.

Its not simple stopping hackers they have countless hours of nolife and mommy cash they sit all day long understanding how anti-cheat system and rust system

A good way to stop hackers is to increase the price on rust game from $20 to $49 that will not stop but will keep hackers on their toes since $49 is alot for their moms to affort

I agree. all those who have been playing the game legit for years will be unaffected. It will suck for those are new and trying to get into the game. But this would be a real consequence for hackers to consider.

Right now you can get rust for £5 on humble…

Thats just sad