Anti-Hack Bypass Contest

I’ve been working hard on a full Lua antihack for the generic bunch of servers to use, but I can’t do it without some experienced helpers to help find holes and workarounds for it. Anyone who has experience in bypassing or Lua in general should give it a try. The anti-hack is NOT easy to bypass. It does NOT have any of the classic bypass techniques that the average bypasser uses.

* You may not load a script before the antihack (When released, SE will be on)
* You must supply the entire script used to bypass the anticheat
* You must successfully apply one working hook of any type (Think, HUDPaint)
* You must have a scriptenforcer bypass (It won’t work without SE on anyways)
* Function spoofing does not work
* I will supply the entire source of the anticheat, nothing is hidden

  • Cannot turn cl_downloadfilter to none. (This rule was added because it will be deployed without sandbox, and I can’t modify sandbox/cl_init.lua to include cl_downloadfilter protection)

If you are successful in providing a good workaround which can be patched, I will supply some money for their time and effort.

Current status: [```


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** If you are going to compete, post here so I know who you are when you join

* Dumb ratings are awesome, because it shows me how little you actually care about protecting servers from cheats :buddy:* **


Patched ers35's method successfully. - Thanks a bunch :buddy:
Patched blackops's method successfully. - How did I not see that?
Patched ComWalk's method successfully. - Nice one, would have never guessed :golfclap:
Patched BlackOps's 2nd method successfully. - I was going to do it, but I'll give you credit anyways :3

Can’t connect. Is there a port that’s supposed to be there?

I’ll try for teh lolz, as I obviously do not have anything better to do.

Also it’s stupid that you can’t use non public modules. People are definitely going to follow that rule when they try to get past the anticheat when it has been deployed on a server.

And yes, I’ll try to get a hook or two in.

I’m gerty.

Port thing is fixed. It will work now. Sorry, upgraded internet today so the ports got all unforwarded :stuck_out_tongue:

I will try.

No winners yet, 6 different people have entered so far.

I gave up.

Well, thanks for trying :buddy:

I already won before the contest started, will I get money?
If not I’ll return in ~8 hours.

Hah, you won on my other script, before this contest started :wink:


It’s much better now.

I’ll beat it tomorrow.

Ok :3

Bypass ScriptEnforcer, then:

local function myhook()
for k, ply in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
print(string.format(“Player %s is at %s. What a cheater I am!”, ply:Name(), tostring(ply:GetPos())))

local f = vgui.Create(“DFrame”)
f.Paint = myhook

I guess it works, but it isn’t exactly what I was looking for, since it doesn’t fit in the parameters of the anticheat. Anyways, that’s one way of doing it :buddy:

What are the consequences when one attempt fails?
Cause either I try my general-bypass (which is not fully done yet but might work) or I improve it so I can be sure I’m not getting banned from your server and can’t try again.

There’s no kicking for the contest. It makes it apparent that you would be kicked, though.

Custom hook systems allowed or not?

No, please.

What is the point, if you forbid special techniques? Isn’t this contest’s intention to make a “lua anticheat” which can’t be bypassed?