Anti-Hack Discussion

This thread is mainly to talk about Anti-hacks, not to rant on and complain about how there is no current anti-hack that exists besides VAC. So we’re going to talk about the hacks that exist, the current anti-hacks that exist, and the pros and cons to each one, because I’ve known people to talk about some of these anti-hacks, but they’re not the best of solutions if you actually look into them.

Current Hacks that exist
-Possible Damage hack, but not yet confirmed (friend told me this morning that our metal staircases we’re getting destroyed by a guy with a rock)

Garry mentioned this in one of his tweets that he was wondering about FairFight, and how reliable it was. After further looking into FairFight, it appears it existed in BF4 in Early Alpha/Beta, but it wasn’t nearly reliable. One youtuber went on to illustrate this with one of his videos. I would recommend watching it.

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Now this doesn’t mean the anti-hack is entirely unreliable, in fact it may have just been DICE who didn’t set the rules for FairFight to be so legitimate, but like he mentioned, FairFight is a serverside anti hack and it mostly looks at Statistics and how a player is performing, but in Battlefield’s case, if you overperformed, you were instantly killed/kicked.

So if FairFight was on the server, it should have some complicated rules only hackers could perform. If not, then I would have it look at simpler stats than relying on how well the person performs. Like how much velocity a person has when jumping to see if they’re jump-hacking, or look at how fast a player runs.


Punkbuster has been around a long time, and has mostly been a pretty reliable anti-hack, but nontheless, it does have some downsides. PB has been a fairly good antihack when it came to the Battlefield series (sorry Ive been playing the BF series a long time now), but a lot of the time it caused a lot more issues than what was considered acceptable for an antihack. It would randomly kick you sometimes, and others it would never let you into a server. When it came to the BF series, a lot of the time you would have to find temporary workarounds for all the problems it caused.

Honestly, I haven’t favored PB for a long time, and besides requiring the client to install an anti-hack service, it causes a lot more problems than it fixes, not only the amount of people who have found ways to bypass PB and hack anyways.


VAC…well it’s…I don’t really consider it an anti-hack. It’s more of the admin that decides to take action on hackers on a weekly basis. It doesn’t exactly stop a hacker from committing their crimes, it stops them after all the havoc they’ve already caused. I like VAC and all, but it’s not something that we should solely rely on.


I’ve heard people COMPLAIN AND COMPLAIN about there not being any official server admins. Face it, it’s not happening. They would have to force all the forum admins to monitor the servers, across all servers, of around 128-250 players, and each of them take shifts, monitor chat to see who all the fuss is about, and then TP to them and get solid proof that they’re hacking. That’s a lot of admins, don’t forget there’s more than just 1 official server. Being that, admins are more for games that involve rules and rule-breaking, they’re not exactly meant to deal with hackers themselves. Not only that, but when you ask an admin to take action against a hacker, that means whoever kicks/bans the hacker is putting themselves in harms way of getting DDos’d by the hacker or something, it’s not exactly the best thing to do. For anti-hacks, hackers can’t really take action against them and harm them.

UAC (Universal Anti-Cheat)

I haven’t heard of it except from a few people, all I know is I looked at it, and it just died this year, so I wouldn’t expect it to be coming at all.

Looking for more suggestions

If you find any more antihacks out there that could be viable, please feel free to post and suggest.

The 4th hack you mentioned I think has something to do with them speeding to the wall and attacking. They still had to aim to hit it and the guy missed, didn’t kill me and ended up getting bored and leaving.