Anti Hacker Idea

How about the option to allow servers to only let players join whos steam account is older than 1 year? Hackers that make new accounts all the time could be locked out that way.

Is this a stupid idea?

Very stupid, most of cheaters have a main that is 7+ years old.

It’s not to relevant to actually stopping hackers. In fact, I’d say that a setting like this would probably stop more legitimate people from playing than actual hackers.

Whitelisting would be better imho.

Already exists in vanilla legacy. Don’t know about experimental but if it’s not already there I imagine it’ll be there by the time experimental is officially declared baseline.

Yep, I know it exists in Legacy.

Unfair to legitimate players who have new steam accounts because they literally haven’t found out about steam earlier. As Konork pointed out, you’d risk blocking out more legitimate players than actual hackers…

What about 1 month? Wouldn’t say it’s one hundred percent a retarded idea but I don’t think it would work well enough to ever implement…

I don’t think it’s a stupid idea in general to kick/ban with some metrics in mind.
I will absolutely do that on my own server.
New accs are suspicious and I would defenitely want to kick people with suspicious accs but didn’t ask myself yet what would be acceptable and what not.

But keep in mind you can always kick/ban with a message like “Your acc is too new and therefore suspicious. Contact the server community at for requesting to become whitelisted!”

I see no problem in that.

But for official servers: no way.

I believe that most new steam accounts would be owned by little kids anyway…