Anti-lag system?

I started my server and my latency goes from 30-1000, and i was wondering how to implement an anti-lag system.

and i know its not my hardware.

It means you are maxing your upload speed and your connection can’t handle it.

high speed internet connection.
34mb/s download
4mb/s upload

When does the lag actually occur? It could be almost anything without this information.
A lot players/props, randomly, constantly, etc?

I suggest checking backgroundtasks too.

But there can be another problem. Type stats into the server console. It should show the server-fps. If it’s lower or equal than 60, the server is locked to that “frame-rate”. This can lead to locks, if it drops lower.

Type fps_max 600 into autoexec.cfg
Run Windows Media Player in background (It sets the Multimedia Timer higher than 60 fps). Or use this program, which does the same: It install a windows server which increases the server-fps in background.

i had my altbinz running for some reason.
1mb/s downloading could have been the problem, ill cheak again today and see if it happens again.
also i think bittorrent was running (uploading to files)

That would have been a major problem.

run well, didn’t really have many people to test with

If you have a server with less then 2mb upload / download speed 10 person slotter you shouldn’t be hosting one or you will have 1 ass huge bill to pay. :slight_smile:

i get unlimited bandwidth, dont matter.

No such thing as unlimited bandwidth, it’s not possible.

**Edit: **K rate me dumb then, you go ahead and pipe through 500TB a day and see if you lag. If you don’t that’s “unlimited.” Post results.

er yea there is I pay £17.99 a month for unlimited bandwidth just because it is not in your country other people might have it in there country i.e. I know the US have it and the UK have it

There is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth go to and print screen what your speed is.

Oh god. Please. Someone kill me.

If they call it unlimited, you’re getting ripped off.

It’s called unmetered or uncapped. I run a datacenter for a living, I think I know what I’m talking about.

Listen to this guy

YEA crap I meant to say that I have no download or upload limit not bandwidth you right I’m wrong

should have said that before, never mind though

Prepare for Terms of Service rape.

Yea about 35 k/b download and 5 k/b upload would be pretty good for you, but try to keep away form bigger maps like rp_evocity , those maps tend to eat away at your ram, if your running a rp server try rp_downtown_v2 it’s a very nice map that’s been out for quite awhile, it is very fameous and most rp servers use it, if your running a build just run a flatgrass or a construct. :slight_smile: