Anti Lua Stealer / Protection?

Hi all.

There’s a certain piece of software I know of that will remain un named for obvious reasons, but it has the capability to steal lua files.

Is there any way I can prevent my luas from being stolen?


No, impossible. They can only view your client side files, nothing server side so with sensible coders you will be fine:

Please let’s not have another 12 idiots debate about “You could just do this ya know, or how about this, or how about this, or that…”. Yes you could send your entire code other net messages, setup silly one time pass code systems and waste 5 years doing it. However: To my understanding it is impossible to truly protect client side files, as in the end the client needs to execute them as strings.

Make sure your server has sv_allowdownload set to 0 to prevent server-side Lua from being stolen.

Just treat clientside code as open source code. (You still retain your copyright)
You are the one ‘actively’ sending it to the client in plain text after all, so calling it stealing is pretty unethical.
If they start redistributing (i.e. hosting a server) your code then it’s stealing, but they are also infringing your copyright so you can act upon it.

You’d somehow need the file’s name and would need to bypass the filter placed on the exploit you’re thinking of.

As for clientside code, try obfuscating it. Eliminating line breaks will stop most people.

I can do this all

Tell Garry then. If there’s another way of bypassing the filter, then there’s a possibility that someone could make a less benign virus similar to the one from 4/19 (though judging by your user title, you know that).

It’s already fixed in dev