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-If interested please PM me, or **Skype: c0mradejj
How do I join the server?

Step one: Open Rust
Step two: At the main menu press F1
Step three: Type the following net.connect into the console
Step four: Press enter, It should automatically connect you to the server

Date of release: 3/22/2014

*****Fully wiped
*****Brand new
*****Costume plugins
*****Active admins
*****East coast host

-Server Plugins-
***Teleport to player (TPA)
*****Custom written economy
*****FPS boost
*****Remove placed buildings
*****Custom kits upon joining
*****Door share
*****Custom admin support tickets
*****Player location tracker (GPS)
*****Loot tables customized and reformatted
*****Base alarm
*****In chat PM’s
*****Donator Loadouts

Server Commands

**/fps ** -Fixes FPS

**/grass ** -Toggles grass

**/share ** -Share’s Doors

**/ehelp ** -Shows economy commands

/location -Shows current location and coordinates

**/thelp ** -Support ticket commands

**/tpa ** -Sends a teleport request

**/tpaccept ** -Excepts teleport request

**/help ** -Shows all commands

/remove -Activates places structure removal

**/undo ** -Remove last structure spawned.

**/ghelp ** -Shows group commands

**Rest of the flags/commands are located by [/help]

Website and Information

Skype: c0mradejj

Server IP:

Who are we?

Anti-Matter gaming is a group of people who play together and enjoy the experience. We host

servers so others may enjoy the same experiences we do and build from that. Anti-Matter

gaming is a non-profit organization and wishes for every and all gamers to enjoy

themselves and have fun!

-If interested please PM me, or Skype: c0mradejj

         -This will require a interview VIA Skype voice chat

joined the server and was kindly greeted by the admins…they answered all my questions and helped me whenever I asked…I can definitely see this brand new community going very far…great job and good luck!!!

Okay there’s something up with all the guests on this page.

I decided to talk to them on Skype about the whole staff thing and they said they had no idea about it. Hmm.

It’s jumping down quickly, it was just 170 views a second ago and now it’s 120…

I have seen rival communities do this to innocent communities so they will be banned from face punch so that they wont be able to advertise their server…There is no way that anti matter is doing it.

[editline]23rd March 2014[/editline]

Probably a rival clan trying to get them banned

So, you literally just made this topic about your server, and suddenly it’s got 220+ people as of this post reading it intently for no apparent reason? Which is more people that the LMAO pics thread, which has a metric fuckton of past content with more being posted anywhere from every few minutes to every hour or so?

Yeah. That’s totally not suspicious at all.

Like I said I have seen this happen many times

I don’t know much about the politics of rival game server groups, but your guess of it being a rival clan trying to get this one banned seems a bit far-fetched to me. This seems a lot more like someone from Anti-Matter trying to get their topic bumped up to the top of the popular list by rigging the “people viewing” count using hordes of guests.

I’m not saying you’re undeniably wrong, but often the simplest answer is the correct one, and the simplest answer I can see here is an intentional abuse of the way this forum’s popular threads section works by this server group to get free publicity.

To be honest I don’t really want to get involved with it but I do feel bad that this communities first page of advertisement was completely trashed by this…

The problem with that line of thinking is, if this server is a very good one and people like it, none of what’s being said here will matter at all since people will flock to it anyways. I’ve been a staff member of several servers before, and what a bunch of people say on a forum won’t matter much to people looking for a server if said server is good.

Besides, if someone is going to abuse forum systems because they’re so lacking in their confidence of the quality of their server that they feel they have to cheat the system to get it popular, they deserve to be called out on that shit.

You know, I’ve never really seen a new community get so many hits that quickly before. I’m willing to doubt it was anyone outside of your community, yet it just seems too new to warrant any kind of outside attack like that. It almost sounds like the desperate thing someone would do to attract people to their lowly server - unless you’re going to tell me that nearly ten thousand people visited your website and not one of them even bothered to register.

Like I said, It could be other communities or it could be them, I prefer to stay out of it

Looks like the viewers have gone down…everything is good now :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see the new faces on the server :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to see some new people on the server!