Anti-Minge Vehicles

Is it possible to change a vehicles material into perhaps a bouncy material, which would make it impossible for anyone to kill someone with a vehicle ?

And if it is, it would be very nice if someone released a few cars which had that tweak.

sbox_plpldamage 1

That’ll turn off PVP damage, including vehicles. Also, a bouncy material can still kill you with enough force - the bouncy ball can do a little damage, but since it weighs so little, it can’t really do more than 5 or 10 when thrown hard.

Cant you consume bouncy balls for health?

Yeah, but they can hurt you. Kind of an irrelevant post, but whatever.

sellotape a sawblade to the front of the vehicle! it’ll kill you just fine… Minges do that, they put stuff on the vehicle to make it stronger, just how that one guy LEVELLED MY BOX FORTRESS! >:(