Anti-no clip walls?

Is it possible to create walls that you cannot no-clip through? Im currently creating a map and don’t want people to just skip bits out

Then tell people to play it in Ep2 or whatever game you built it for.

Sure, when your done with your map, create a trigger brush box around and inside your walls, if the wall is 16 units think, make the trigger wall 8 units think in the middle, then give all of the trigger brushes the teleport function, and make the spawnpoint at the beginning.

Add the Ent that puts text on screen to say “You siwy cheater”

how do i make the text appear on the screen? Is it game_text, but how do i activate it, i know its trigger_multiple but i don’t know what settings to put in the outputs/inputs/flags, Also i can’t tell them to play it in EP2 because the objective of the map is to build a boat, sail it down obstacles and reach the finish so you need garry’s mod to build the boat.

Looking for this?

you could also make trigger_hurt boxes inside all of your walls that instantly kill noclippers :smiley: I used that in one of my maps to surround my secret layer that was only accessable by a teleport that only I know about.

God mode

Trigger_multiple in the walls -> point_clientcommand running either “kill” “disconnect” or “exit”. Evil, but works.

but how do i make the trigger activate the killing mechinism thing? what output/input settings?

sv_cheats 1
ent_remove_all <insert entity name here used for blocking noclipping>

trigger_hurt, trigger_teleport, trigger_multiple, etc.

There is no fullproof way to stop people from noclipping in a map. This is even more so when wiremod is installed, people can use the hoverdrive and don’t need to do the above to get places.

People don’t do all this just so they can see another room, which they don’t even know for sure exist.

You obviously haven’t been on a server when a map has either started beta testing or first been released. People put no stops when exploring the map and will do anything to find every nook and cranny in said map.

Yup. Its fun.

You could probably set on removed or on any of those commands to spam some silly effect or disconnect the player

Or just spam some sv_cheats 0 command and leave the player scratching his head for a while

You could still remove it with Lua. There is a way around any anti-noclip method.

you shud make triggers that tele the player to a secret room outside the map and then you make a trigger that around that room that teles to the middle of the same room