Anti-NoClip World

As the title says… does such addon exist? Many anti-noclip addons exist for props only. Or even better, in 1 server I saw the inability to noclip through anything solid at all. How to do that? Could really use that for my server.

I reccomend getting a admin utility such as ULX or ASSMod, you can find them via facepunch search, then configure them to enable noclip for all,admins or specific user groups.

It does exist the use it in spacebuild a lot but i don’t know what the name is.

Err is that what you wanted? Its basically set so you cant fly out of the map.

If you send me a PM I will edit it so you cannot fly through anything except for ‘air’.

I read your PM and made it so you can only noclip through solids.

Read the description.

I believe ULX once had an module called UCLip, no idea if it’s still operational though.

A thread just came out today bringing it back up, so I assume it is still supported.