Anti-NoClip is a scripted tool allowing you to select props that can perform actions on players noclipping through them.
For example, with the “Bounce” and “Ignite” actions on the walls of your fort, anyone attempting to enter through the walls would find themselves bounced back and on fire. [noparse]>:D[/noparse]
Alternatively, a stack of nocollided doors all using the “Trampoline” action, when noclipped into, will send the player flying, and can be used as a fast lift to skybases and the like.
The “Affect” combobox also allows you to choose WHO to affect, so that you won’t get hurt, or other people can’t use your terrible doorlift.


Admin restricted

Cool, you remade it!

I was hoping this to be remade, gold star for you

I love this for my bases. I like the “strip weapons” option.

Very cool, great for bases!

To anyone wondering about if people get in through the floor:
Just make a floor out of something and either keep it, or make it invisible!

I’ve had a look through this, I don’t see what has been changed from the last version

It works, it’s more efficient, and more easily moddable if anyone wants to add actions to it.

Yey, I’ve been looking for this since I saw it on a server last year.

I looked at the code: It is really really well done compared with the “Anti-Noclip” tool in earlier versions. No deadly think functions, but neat StartTouch handlers.

Yeah, so if you set an entity to be a trigger and set it’s parent to an entity; then when they touch the parent it sets off the StartTouch does it?

If so then thank you, I can finally use this to make my Anti-NoClip plugin for Citrus (I’ll give credit for the concept obviously).

Finally, I can bounce myself into the sky and set myself on fire SIMULATNEOUSLY! This looks fantastic fun, albeit potentally exploitable (walling the spawn area with ‘Teleport to Spawn’ anyone?)

This is very useful :smiley:

Lua king for you :smiley:

Try setting it to kill and applying it to a 4x4 PHX plate and using like a giant fly swatter on people who are noclipping around. :v: Had about 5 minutes of fun with that and everyone thought it was hilarious. :4chan:

In other words yeah this is very easily exploitable. I don’t know if there would be a way to make only the less severe (walk, bounce-back, trampoline) options avaliable to non-admins?

Perfectly possible, I’ll have it up in a few minutes.


Awesome! Thanks!

Great! I loved this Stool, very useful and gives much fun. Thanks for remaking it.

this is one of the most epic stools ever!


I just wanted to know if you still had the administrator only version, as it was removed.

Does this work with the new update?

It works on my server.