Anti offline raid PLUGIN

There is a plugin disables explosives at a specific time ?
For example- in 23:00 disable all explosive weapon
07:00 authprize all explosive weapon ?
explosives = ( c4, rocket, grenade )

I am sorry for my English :frowning:

Yes there is, look it up on rust oxide. it’s that simple.

You dont have to be sorry.
But yes, as mannix already told you.
It is there on oxide… for a long… long time.

That’s a terrible idea.

The whole idea of thinking your enemy has to be online in order to attack his base is retarded.

Does a burglar wait until people come home to rob the place?

How will solo players or small groups ever have a chance against clans of 15+ players if they have to wait until they’re home to mount an attack?

Terrible, terrible idea…and people who complain about “offline raiding” are idiots.

Flame War inbound XD

You can get a plugin for this as described in this thread:

What’s more likely, even during the night:
-A solo player raiding a 15+ player compound
-A 15-player clan raising a solo player’s 3x3?

The clan won’t be able to raid either. So…

If that server just had one compound for the clan and just one small 3x3. Then yes, it would make total sense. However, show me a server with just two compounds totaling 16 people? Doesn’t make sense.
In other words…options are there

It’s just an example. My point being that this kind of plugin would actually protect solo players and small clans more than large ones.
Most “large” clans I kno(e)w had almost always one or more players online. So they are never “totally vulnerable”.