Anti Player-Spoof Mechanism

I wonder what other alternatives you’re considering, if you were serious about moving away from the concept of a server browser entirely.

One of the things I always liked about GMod was that even if two servers hosted the same gamemode, each one did it in their own way. Some had custom features, some had an awesome community, yet others had something else. I hope this variety can still be preserved in S&box, alongside whatever other system you’re considering, because it is what made me, and many others, invest so much time into GMod over all of these years.

But I don’t think it’s a good idea to not add a server list although the serverlist needs some work but a join button and join by ip wouldn’t make the game populair gmod was like just scrolling through the list and finding a new server how is that going to work then with s&box? It’s just that gmod is so easy to find a new server and finding a new server in the way like minecraft is not easy.

which sucks a lot.

Honestly I’m liking where you’re going with this, gg.

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