Anti-Prop killing & Tool restriction!


I currently own a DarkRP server and experiencing people abusing the tools they can use and props.
(Can’t even trust them with the Paint tool).

Is there any addon or anything I can have to use on my server to stop this Prop killing and tool abusing.

Anti-Prop Kill:
Prop is ghosted while being physgunned or in mid-air for 5 seconds.

Tool restriction:
X tool has been restricted to admin only!


I was under the impression stuff like this was in falco’s prop prottection which i supposed to be shipped with darkrp. If that isn’t the case then it would be a DIY job.

As you own a DarkRP server. I would restrict the tools in Falco’s Prop Protection (FPP).
If you don’t have this at all, I would highly suggest to update to newest DarkRP revision.

About the anti-propkill, I would also check FPP. But I heard it got removed in some revision of DarkRP. I can’t confirm if that’s true at the moment though.

The problem with anti prop kill scripts is that they annoy genuine users more than prop killers.
Prop killers can still prop kill, be it one way or the other. Yet the genuine players are harassed by the dirty tricks the scripts perform to try and prevent prop killing.

Same goes for surfing. This is why I say don’t install an anti prop kill. Get some proper admins instead. Ones that actually respond when someone says “prop kill!”. Most admins just don’t give a fuck and keep blissfully building their own base while the server is being mass minged.

Besides prop surfing is not a bad thing, prop killing and pushing is.

A while back I used to play DarkRP semi-frequently when you had your anti-propkill method of ghosting the props, I can honestly say it did more good then bad, and majority of the players liked it as it didn’t do alot of harm.