Anti-psychic getting his chest distorted and crushed

there is a war between psychics and regular humans ok

Talk about chest pains :downsrim:

But seriously. Great picture, It’s a bit blurry but I like the crushing effect on the chest and the blood looks really nice. Great picture.

i can’t tell which one i like better

Dev Textures :saddowns:

it was a test mostly

P. badass

Coolbeans! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh god… I can hear the sound this would make when I look at these.

Cool idea.

It looks like you just used the liquefy filter, it doesn’t look that great in the first image, but the second image looks a bit better. I get what you were going for here and I give you kudos, but I think it just looks a little off.

I think that the second one looks better.

second one is better, first one looks badly smudged