Anti raid + rust players playing night long

Okay, I know this game is alpha and there’s still lots of change planned.
But this really annoys me: getting raid by noobish people that are just playing the game day n night 20 hours a day on my server. While I am just playing it 2 hours.
Is there a solution for this, are they planning working on it?

I propose something to counter it, and could counter a lot of unfair raids, likely when you are offline.
(Adding a command to the server that makes it impossible to destroy someones building/house if the owner is offline.
Of course adding a decay when the owner goes offline, like 15-20 minutes. So the players won’t abuse it for not getting raid.
Also there must a notification, an indication that you can’t detroy the walls/doors because the player is not offline for more than 20minutes.)

Make it a choice for every server, if players don’t want that, desactivate this command. Because I know a lot of players like this playstyle.
What do you guys think? Maybe it’s not the best idea but I’m really getting tired of people that aren’t even skilled and just by playing this game for so long and having no life.

Reminds me of this. Those of us who have lives are just at a supreme disadvantage, there’s really no changing that. :slight_smile:

Yup. The devs mentioned making homes a little more defensible. They specifically stated that they didn’t want people to have to build door mazes and other ridiculous concepts.

Here is a possible solution, if you can’t play 80 hours a week finding a server that only has pvp on during the times you have most to play could come at a huge advantage for you.

Door mazes are a must at this stage in development, unfortunately.

Solution: Play more or play on a less populated server. Shazaam.

I understand what you are saying, and I think raiding is more fun when you actually can have gunfights against other people. But i’m against the thought of removing your building, or safe-homing it. If they could add the “option” for it, that would be great. So you can actually look for servers that are having those safe-home option and if you don’t like the idea of safe-homing then you can search servers without that