Anti-rotation addon?

I find myself using the “Keep Upright” tool a lot, and I started to wonder if anyone has made and anti-rotation tool. It would block all rotation and only allow the prop to slide around. If this hasn’t been made yet, I think it might be a good idea. In the meantime, I’m gonna try to find a way to do this with what comes with gmod :smiley:

Well, not a tool but you can do this with Expression2

What’s that?

Hmm, well I’m not the smartest of noobs, but I believe expressions 2 is an expressions system that works with the wire tools to accomplish certain goals that normal wire can’t, like flashing lights, a CD player, etc.

I never knew about Expression2 before now. Thanks! It seems that I can use it to make pretty much anything I would ever need in wiremod.

Advanced ballsocket tool.

Keep upright also does this.

At least for me when it fucks up.

When you use advanced ballsocket, it has to be attached to a prop, and that prop must then be attached to something static or frozen otherwise the whole thing can rotate.