Anti-Wallhack Script for Servers?

Is this Even Possible? Nearly every player that joins the server I play on a daily basis, has an Aimbot, and wallhacks. It’s a little shitty because it’s RP. I use the Dh Inline radar, all the Admins on the server use it as well. But having every player on the server using undetected hacks gets aggravating.

I’m presuming it’s impossible to prevent this because they are clientside, but if there is any way, I would like to get them disabled.

I searched on google For a little over 10 minutes and found no results, Just downloads for them.

Moderator is no excuse for being a immature little dickweed and hack the server you so highly admire. Also, stop being paranoid that every person has a wallhack, but still, use scriptenforcer.

The owner uses the radar too.
And every fucking person that joins acts like a fucking god because they have aimbots, It ruins the concept of the game, and how did I hack the server?
Bad reading is bad.

And this is a fucking help section, cock goblins like you don’t contribute anything to society by making comments like that, grab a meat clever, and chop your tongue off, or in this case, your fingers, because you don’t need them.

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rimlanin got owned. Bleck’s description makes me picture the fat World of Warcraft guy from South Park. But yeah, script enforcer is the way to go when you wanna block clientside scripts.

Script enforcer breaks my server