Antialiasing Light Issue

It seems like most of the threads I post are help threads, so thanks in advance.

I’m trying to record a video using inscript and SrcDemo2, and I’d like to get the sharpest image I can but whenever I try to boost the anti-aliasing, this happens:

The “Dynamic lighting” seems to disappear. With normal 2X anti-aliasing, it looks like this:

Changing the settings back after they’ve been changed once does not alleviate the issue. I have to restart GMod entirely to fix it.

The flashlightdepthres is at 4096
the r_projectedtexturefilter is at 0.2

Is there anything that you could think of that could be causing these issues?

Depends on your videocard really. A lot of laptop cards tend to bug out and source isn’t sure what they can actually run so reduces accordingly.

You could try forcing AA via your card though. Walking around source so to speak.

Well, here’s what I currently have installed. as far as video processing goes.

GTX 295 Coop
4 gigs of RAM
Core i7 920 @ 2.66 Ghz

you use GMOD BIG UPDATE beta ?
I know that commands… but why i have crash gmod when i use it (not GMOD BU beta) ? D:

Geforce 580 GTX
12 gigs rams
Core i7 930 @ 3.33 Ghz


No. It’s just regular Garry’s Mod, as far as I know. What do you mean exactly by “…why i have crash gmod when i use it?”

i mean… when i use “r_flashlightdepthres 4096” - Gmod takes off…