Anticheat for bigger servers?

Hey guys, I realized most bigger communities such as Divinity RP and ZARP don’t even use an anticheat, however, I refuse to get rid of mine.
I believe the source of lag on my 60 slot server is Cake Anticheat, however, I cannot find another up-to-date anti-cheat that is available (Leys AC is no longer available?).
Are you guys aware of any? I’ve been adding leys non-stop, hoping he’ll allow for me to buy his addon, over-the-counter. now that it’s not available

Have you tried removing CAC to see if that boosts performance?

Best anti cheat you could use would be active admins. They’ll catch a lot of what an anticheat would miss.

removing CAC tremendously affected my server, it was going smooth with 60 people online.

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I have a 60-slot DarkRP server, managing a staff team of 20, where the majority of them are scrubs is pretty damn tough. (i’ve had an admin ban somebody before for false-positives through CAC)

Sounds like you gotta train your staff then, i think a mismanaged staff is way worse than having some lag on a 60 slot server.

If there’s one thing I know about darkrp it’s that 90% of admin need to be tied on a leash with a muzzle.

If your staff team are scrubs, train them or demote them, why accept them in the first place?

You quoted what I originally posted and added nothing…?

Your best bet is to shutdown your server, create 2 more, and have half of the moderators operate on 1 of the other servers then another half on the other. IT would help performance

How did you realize those bigger communities have no anti-cheat?

Just curious

Not sure if this is what you means, but ‘enforcer’ seems like a good one to me.

you can type “datapack_paths” in the console and you’ll see most of the addons on the server

Enforcer is an anti-crasher

datapack_paths shows addon folder names all you do is look for something simple for cake its cac_release_buildnumber then you cross reference it with the anticheats going around if you cant find what a file is for an example mine is noc_anac which stands for (community name)_admin and anticheat now if they are smart the can pack all their files into one large addon and it will only show that

Use screengrab for suspected hackers.

Is the server itself laging or are the clients laging because of low fps? Just want to make sure what you mean :slight_smile:

Divinity has an anticheat as I’ve been banned by it.

Different angle – have you tried turning off some of the CAC detections that maybe don’t apply to RP? BHop, for example. This might reduce resource pressure from cac.