Anticheat system!

Hi there guys! I have some info about C# and JS in Unity, so I want to show u how to make antichet system, ok:
var runspeed : float;//for example runspeed =12
var walkspeed : float;//for example walkspeed =8
var maxjumpHeight: float;//for example maxjumpHeight =10
function Update () {
speed = 12;
walkspeed = 8:
maxjumpHeight = 10;
if ( runspeed > 12){
if ( walkspeed > 9){
if ( speed > 10){
Sorry but my English is very bad, but as you understand, the player has a maximum height of the jump, and maximum running speed or steps, if the speed is higher than a predetermined static function then we can close or rust, Thank you for your attention!

What if they fall from a 20 story building? They’ll be detected, so, this sucks.

thats called “Voilation” from CheatPunch already on servers, soooo a bit late buddy xD

what about aimbot and esp? i frankly dont mind the “flash” and “superman” guys but once they use that aimbot on a group of like 5 guys its an instant boner killer. ehh i guess if they are using super jump and speed hacks then they are most def using aimbot and esp. . .fuckers

still think you got something here tho.

It’s not about fall, omfg, it’s about heights of jump when u press SPACE

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That not work propetly, I have my server and this guys jump so HIGH, and have VAC ban, but they continue play…that code kick them from game, and u can add the VAC ban with that

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emg, for that I must know from facepunch, how they develop and make the player aiming from weapon… and maybe we can regulate the speed of aiming on goal…

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And, how about bug with Large Wood Storage???
this code can stop using that bug!

Just close this thread. You obviously dont understand client/server architecture. Anything enabled on the client end can be undone very easily. Hackers literally decompile the client, rework it then recompile it, or use memory locations to inject their own variables, and spoof datachecks, spoof packets for returning checksums, all sorts of things. Removing clients ability to make decisions and making those decisions on the server is the only way to remove speedhacks and etc.

did u work with unity 3d? if not bb

Your code is checking for stuff that can be fixed without an ‘anti-chet system’. The post before yours (which you quoted and dismissed, sadly) says it all - ‘Client-Server’. Why check the player’s position/jump height/whatever on the client, when the server can just not give a crap and insist on the original position anyways?

Sure, the cheater’s client can think its flying somewhere in -snip-land, but all the other clients see the cheater in their real position: where the server says they are.

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Did you? FTR using Unity won’t give you much insight on how games are designed, programmatically speaking. Just their content, levels, etc. The ‘coding’ in Unity is canned as -snipe-.

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I fixed the swearing for ya.

Yep I work, with small project that all…
And have much videos whose makes by me… And video tuts.

I don’t care about your bad english as much as I care about your lack in understanding of how cheats work, and lack of understanding of the repercussions of your poorly thought out, Ad hoc, code.

Who is doing the disagree on the posts that make sense and agreeing with a no namer spouting imagined self worth?

Client code means nothing, these checks would all have to introduced on the server, end of discussion. Take the knowledge that utilitron, KD007, and myself have gracefully imparted on you and research the matter further to confirm our assurtations.

Obvious, but, click “list” and see for your self.

When you slide down a steep cliff your run speed would be alot faster and youd get kicked

By the way this is driving me crazy…

 * Fixed: globals with camel case
 * plus there is no declaration **var name : float** in JS
var runSpeed = 12;
var walkSpeed  = 8;
var maxJumpHeight = 10;

 * update
 *   Checks the current value of the speed variables 
 *   If they are greater than the max allowed, kill the application.
function update()   {
     * Removed this code because setting the speed (supposed to be runspeed),
     * walkspeed, and maxjumpHeight here would negate the checks as you just 
     * overwrote the current value.
    //speed = 12; 
    //walkspeed = 8:
    //maxjumpHeight = 10;

    if ( runSpeed > 12){

    if ( walkSpeed > 9){

     * Fixed reference to speed to maxJumpHeight
     * Fixed maxjumpHeight.Quit(); to Application.Quit();
    if ( maxJumpHeight > 10){

I loled, this is a great thread made by a junior programmer who thinks things are simple and the devs don’t know shit.

Here is the best anticheat. it is a 2 question survey you must answer before playing.

Do you use cheats?
If you used cheats, would you lie for the previous question?

If you answered yes to the first question it is an instant ban. No one will say yes.
If you answered no to the second question it is an instant ban.
People who don’t cheat would lie about them if they did.
People who do cheat already lied, so it stands they would lie about lying.

Fool proof. :zoid:

The best and only real way to ensure there are no cheaters in your multiplayer game is to cancel development before you write a single line of code.

Intergalactic Viking Ninja Nuns has 0% piracy! Because I abandoned the idea the same afternoon.

I sincerely hope this thread is a joke, and your dismissal of iamsteele007’s post clearly shows you lack knowledge in how these things work.

So many flaws exist with your concept - and if you truly think that Facepunch wouldn’t be able to figure out the five lines of “code” you’ve written (which by the way are formatted improperly, so there goes all of your credibility of experience with “unity 3d” lol - which by the way means absolutely nothing considering it’s used for multiple different tasks) then you’re pretty ignorant.