antiFrag - PVP|WarKit|No Fall DMG|Active Admins|No Hackers

Since the War Server just went down, antiFrag is bringing you a 200 slot war server to satisfy all your killing needs! This was once a regular server but due to the popularity we changed it over!

Once you’re in the server type /starter and you’ll be on your way!

The war kit comes with: M4, Bolt Action Rifle, 556 Ammo, 2 Holo Sights, Hatchet, 10 Cooked Chicken Breast, Kevlar Helmet, Leather Vest, Leather Pants, 3 Large MedKits.

Any questions feel free to ask, or any suggestions just shoot them our way!

INFO - net.connect

Come join us! Fresh server. Time to start the war.

Seems good so far, although it needs more players.

Thank you! Yes we are trying to get more players daily!