AntiHack is not working!!

So this guy playing rust named askchwkfbfohw keeps staying in front of my house and keeps using aim bot and speed hacks to kill me because i killed him with a bolt action one time. There is proof that he is cheating, its even from the game yet it won’t ban him. It just kicks him temporary then he is able to rejoin. The game is almost completely unplayable when a speed hacker with aim hacks just stands in front of your house all day.

I can confirm that. He keeps getting booted for hacks like every 30 minutes but he just rejoins.

Couln’t you just take his stuff when he is kicked?

I’ve followed a hacker around once. He just killed people and ignored the loot or bodies.

Yeah like the other guy says he ignores loot he is just out to kill me at this point and he only has a bow with arrows on him not much to loot.

We reporting cheater for 3 days because of aim (he even got account with only rust and 20 hrs). We just cant play anymore on Facepunch Moscow 6 because everywhere we go he kills us. THREE DAYS! Many reports in game and in steam.

go on his steam profile and report him in the… more …section also

That’s not how VAC works.

“VAC does not ban based on reports. Such data is only used for tracking and statistics purposes.”

He’s probably pending in the next banwave. Bans don’t happen instantly, because if they did, hackers could quickly and reliably test whether or not their cheats are detected.

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That’s not how VAC works.

I never said it did but the MORE option asks you to report suspected cheating after that its up to steam but surly its worth reporting

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We dont care how VAC or EAC works. Now there are 2 cheaters in one spot on our server with big base and they are playing for 4 days with no problem at all. FOUR DAYS while there are 1-4 weeks between wipes.
Maybe after wipe they will be banned but who cares while they ruined game for many players and they are loosing only steam account with only rust. New ban - new account till next wave.

upd. 1 of mentioned cheaters was banned right now. But again, he just gonna buy new copy of rust.

if this is the biggest problem in your life, you have a wonderful life.

seriously, 4 days of tolerating a few hackers? have you seen the twitter feed when the ban waves occur? have you seen how many people are getting banned? sure, that one guy might rebuy rust. then get banned. buy a few more copies and eventually get bored of paying for the pleasure of getting banned. then go back to DOTA or whatever the fuck else they play. but in the end, it’s just a fucking game; no need to get your panties in a twist over some lost digital loot.

How to play this game if everywhere u go there are cheaters who insta kill u and then speed run to loot body? Yeah they banned 1 who was killing us for 4 days but not his friend so we have to die over and over again or choose another server and then another server with hope that somewhere there will be atleast less obvious cheaters. Yeah its just a game and like in any other game where I’m facing other players I prefer fair game without cheating. Group of us have to loose some time for gathering resources and crafting gear for what, dying in 1 sec from cheater with 0 chance? People just leaving game because of that and I have to play alone over and over again. Each month same problem - cheaters everywhere.

Yeah opposite to official facepunch servers there are some community servers with “donate 1$ for 99 AK’s” or few servers like Rustopia with bad ping and long queue times.

You seem to forget that you are playing a game that is not finished.

You seem dont understand that when game will be finished they just leave it as it is.
Hacking is a BIG problem and no magic will happen with just “realease”.
3 years of official developing and this topic just pointing that all work about antihacking is not working.
As they said in June 2015

And nothing still changed. They could atleast hire admins for official servers.

That runs the risk of admin abuse, which can result in much higher issues.

Hm, cool.


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i can gladly say that hacking is very, very difficult in rust. EAC is doing a splendid job.

There is only 1 PROVIDER for rust cheats, and they get detected every, single, damn, day.
Honestly hacking side, i’m VERY happy how it is. EAC is kicking ass. Can’t say i love the game as much as legacy, but it sure as hell not bad.