"AntiHack!" message

While using the hammer tool I got three status popups (like server messages) saying “Antihack!”. These appeared on the main screen, and looked just like server announcements (like when an admin spawns something). All it said was “Antihack!” – nothing else. This is on my vanilla server. I have RustAdmin connected at all times, but looking at the logs, no rcon events were sent, so this doesn’t appear to have come from RustAdmin. Other than that, it’s a plain jane vanilla server.

Anyone seen this before?

That notification is to let you know that due to lag or miscommunication with the server. You were doing something impossible under the rules of the server. And you were corrected and put back in place. Usually its harmless unless your cheating/hacking and you set off the serious infraction that will lead to a EAC Ban.

this was implemented to try and stop ppl with lag switches however much long all of their other shit tactics to stop hackers and exploits it doesn’t work.

You can easely get a ‘AntiHack!’ false positive by hammering a foundation above you

Hmmm. I might have dipped under the landscape when I removed it. I’ll check that out. Thanks!